A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

*- Fixed an issue with the controls (accidentally left it setup for a custom arcade stick when pushing to web) and a bug with the portal not ending the game.

80s style arcade game where the player controls Galvatross, a giant metal bird, as he protects the Time Portal from being ripped open by the Tranglors. Galvatross must kill enemies before they enter the portal, or it will get bigger. Too big and the portal will collapse the universe. Galvatross may collect Time Crystals in order to make the portal smaller. Game ends when player is out of lives or the Time Portal gets too big. Kill the Tranglors. Save the Universe.

Move - Left/Right Arrows
Jump/Flap Wings - X button repeatedly
Teleport - Z button + Arrows

Extra Life every 5000 points.

May Galvatross Protect Your Skies.

The Team of ShuddaHaddaLottaFun (www.shuddahaddalottafun.com | @ShuddaHadda).

Alex Schuster (www.mrshoestore.com) | @MrShoestore) - Programming/Audio/Music
Mikhail Delinois (www.khailmik.com | @Khailmik) - Art/Animation


Galvatross for Mac 17 MB
Galvatross for PC 16 MB