- Shadow Fencer Theatre -

2 Player Shadow Puppet Fencing Combat

**WIP Demo**

Follow the Devlog Here! Bit.ly/fencerdev

Developed by: ShuddaHaddaLottaFun

Twitter: @ShuddaHadda

Alex Schuster - Game/Noise

Mikhail Delinois - Art

Ahem... Alright, settle down Ladies and Gentlepuppets! Welcome to Shadow Fencer Theatre. That's right, feast your eyes on a tale that will be woven right before you, from the cozy confines of my shadow puppet theatre. It's a battle for the ages! For all to see!... BUT WAIT!... It appears we are down a performer and I require your assistance. The show must go on!...Don't take a moment to think about it...*grabs hand*...Follow me!

You'll be fine. It's just a stick and paper my littlest nephew cut out. He just acquired the skill of using safety scissors and already I think he's quite good.... anyway...

For Best Experience, Use Gamepads if you Got 'Em

Gamepad Controls (X360):

Menu Navigation: Left Joystick

Menu Select: (A) Button

Pause: Start Button

Player 1: - Gamepad 1

Player Movement: Left Joystick

Player's Fencing Hand: Right Joystick

Player 2: - Gamepad 2

Player Movement: Left Joystick

Player's Fencing Hand: Right Joystick

Keyboard Controls:

Menu Navigation: W, S

Menu Select: Enter/Return

Player 1:

Player Movement: W, A, S, D

Player's Fencing Hand: T, F, G, H

Player 2:

Player Movement: I, J, K, L

Player's Fencing Hand: Up, Down, Left, Right Arrows


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wow this game is amazing, congrats!

Tons of fun! It is really well made and I love the sound effects! Great job!


Awesome! Nice Voice and BGM.

this actually well made! Bravo Dev!

its has been 2 years but this game is really great. i have lot of fun playing this :D

i like it:)

A downloadable Unity build, please? XP can't run WebGL :/

(2 edits) (+1)

A hidden gem of the "web" section. There are so many small but great things about this. First of all: you may think that each character is just a reskin, but they all have a different play style. For example:

Cdr. Jeff is a good all-rounder / offensive character with great potential;

Koral is very defensive relying on the back of her trident to... beat her enemies to death with? idk;

Cpt. Beard is propably the most offensive, being small and having a great range, but his giant sabre gets stuck when doing an "uppercut" and is incredibly slow when doing a swing from above the head;

Dr. [insert robot name here]: same as Beard, but with more slashing potential;

The Alien: Just wiggle his tentacle in front of him. Next;

The Bunny guy: Simpe: charge and swing your carrot a lot of times;

This just asks for a character select screen, but this would ruin the next aspect of the game: it's incredibly quick. Max 2 minutes for a max 17 round game is so quick that i played this around 30 times already, and i'm still having fun with it.

About the 2-player mode, i don't have friends to play with ;-;

The bots are also great, changing tactics each round, and genearlly being good, but still easy enough to win against them.

And most importantly, the game is incredibly stupid in a good way. You ever wanted to see paper pirates and bunny people fence in space? Now you can, thanks to Shadow Fencer Theatre.

It's really all i can think of right now. This may feel small, but it's still a lot for a web game. Keep up the good work.